1981-1982 Season

“The Last Season the First Time Around”

1981 – 1982

The First Era Ends

Records for the 1981 – 1982 season are not available as of the date of the publication of the SVC Hockey web page. Attempts are currently being made to reconstruct the season from articles and the memory of the players. As the web page is visited by former team members who participated during the last three seasons of the team, before its rebirth in 1999 – 2000, we hope to collect additional photos and stories to finish a more complete history during the first run of ice hockey at the college. Should you happen to be one of those players, please contact Mike Ziemianski at mikeziemianski@me.com. He will assemble the material and publish as complete a story as may be available.

1981 – 1982 marked a sad time in the history of SVC Hockey. Little is known formally about the events of the campaign and the search continues for information and photographs for the year, but the school did field a team and participated in the Western Pennsylvania Intercollegiate Hockey Association. Pat Felton assumed the off ice leadership role of Director, and won the College’s Rafferty award for combining academic and athletic excellence. He was the third hockey player in 4 years to obtain the honor. Bob Farrell continued on as Head Coach, but the outcome of the matches and the specific statistics have yet to be formalized.