1989-1990 Alumni Team

First Row (L-R) Rothrauff Twin #1, Mike Ziemianski, Dave Donatelli, Rothrauff Twin #2, Joe Luther, Michael E. Ziemianski, Unidentified #1, Mark O’Brien, Unidentified #2, Dan Morris, Scott Newton, Denny Brunetta, John Konfala, Gerry Hyner, Terry Hemlock, Son of Terry Hemlock.

Standing (L-R) Vince Kadlubek (Sitting in Penalty Box), Don Rothrauff, Dave Caroll, Mike Kaleina, Joe Burick, Ken Glinka, Dave Donatelli, Greg O’Meara, Unidtenified #3, Dave Bogonovich, John Bumbaugh, Roland DeFelice, Doug Seib, Rich Wagner, Dave Wagner, Kevin DeFelice (Behind Dave Wagner), Matt Bukovan, Unidentified #4, Al Reinshagen.

The 1989-1990 Alumni Game represented the 20’th anniversary since the club was founded by Bob Farrell and Gerry Hyner.Thirty-Four former players and their children showed for the contest at Kirk S. Nevin Arena in Greensburg. A great tribute to the team and the friendships that were forged!